Tuesday, October 21, 2008

in front of the camera??

It's not often you find me in front of the camera... because I LOVE being behind the camera, of course! However, when it comes to family portraits, it would difficult to be in front of AND behind the camera. With the growing family, we knew our parents would LOVE to have a full family shot as grandparents... and having me as the photographer would not cut it. So last Christmas, we purchased a gift certificate from Melany Hallgren for a family portrait session! And this past Sunday, we finally all got together to make it happen. It was a beautiful day and the kids did great with all the pictures! Now, it may be a photographer faux pas to promote other photographers, but I have no shame - it's all about networking right? Melany is a fellow Detroit Wedding and Portrait photographer. Check her out sometime! But first, check out how good we look... :)

I love all the leaves, don't you?? Happy Tuesday!!