Sunday, January 4, 2009

mr. boaz

My sister-in-law contacted me a few weeks ago to share with me that Boaz had been picked as "Mr. February" for the cover of a local magazine. (Ok, not really Mr. February... but he was the chosen cover "model"). She then asked if I would be willing to photograph the little guy for the cover image. Of course I couldn't say no!

So the other day we did the photo shoot outside in the snow. Boaz was not a fan of the cold at first, but then we bribed him with some chocolate and got a few smiles out of him! Shooting a magazine cover is definitely not the same as just doing a relaxed portrait shoot. There were a few parameters... the images had to be vertical and it needed to be composed in such a way that there would be enough room for the title and the headlines. Despite the weather and the composition challenge, I think we managed ok! Here are just a few from that morning... I can't wait to see which one the editors choose!

See... he was not happy at first!! :(
But then we gave him some Hershey Kisses! (get it... for February!)
He LOVES chocolate!!
We got a little creative at the end and tried to have him send a valentine :)

...Stay tuned to find out which image made the cut!!


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