Friday, February 13, 2009

jocelyn & paul: engaged!

A few weeks ago I spent yet another chilly afternoon with a cute couple for an engagement shoot! This time, we headed to downtown Grand Rapids for some outdoor shots around town and some indoor shots at the ever-lovely Amway Grand Hotel.

Jocelyn & Paul got engaged this past holiday season, but they have been in love for a long time and are ready to tie-the-knot! Yay! I've worked with Jocelyn at Campus Recreation the past couple years, but that day was the first day I had met Paul. Apparently, I thought he had been born with the wrong name because I kept calling him "Matt" throughout the entire shoot!! Oh my goodness, I felt so ridiculous!! Fortunately, Jocelyn & Paul were good sports through the cold temps and my name-difficulties and we were able to get some great shots!

Thanks for allowing me to be apart of your wedding process, Jocelyn & Paul! It's been great getting to know the two of you the past month and I'm looking forward to your July wedding!

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Veldman Photo said...

Hey... loving you photos... I'm starting to see your "style" very soft and warm tones! Mmm.... NICE!!!