Thursday, April 2, 2009

Some Grand Rapids guests!

This past weekend, my brother and his lovely family came to visit me in Grand Rapids. We've become kind of accustomed to having them stay here - this is their third time and they are great guests! The first time, my college graduation brought them here... the second time, a business meeting for my brother, Dave, brought them here... and this last time, a coupon class for my sister-in-law, Laura, brought them here! Laura is a coupon queen - literally! She teaches coupon classes (Yes, a class! And it's so great! The secrets will save you hundreds or thousands - seriously. Find out more info here on her blog! Read it. Admission for the class supports a great cause as well!).

Anyways, Laura hosted a coupon class in Rockford (near Grand Rapids) this past Saturday, so of course we gladly welcomed the whole family and made another weekend of it! Here are a few photo highlights!

Thursday evening, after a wonderful dinner by Laura, we headed to Jersey Junction (yes, the second time in one week!) for some ice cream cones! Baby Bo LOVED his chocolate ice cream!

1) I love watching Bo try to eat his ice cream.
2) I LOVED the bokeh inside Jersey Junction!!

Helllllloooooo BLUE EYES! FYI: I did not specifically edit Bo's eyes in this next picture, they got the same overall "bump" as everything else!
Apparently his ice cream cone wasn't enough - good thing his dad shares well! :)

Friday afternoon was spent at the Grand Rapids Children's Museum - where I pretty much went picture-crazy... but what's new? This museum is SO fun - even for big kids :)

We all loved the bubbles - Bo wasn't quite sure about them at first, but then he got the hang of them!
Rachel is a Bubble-Pro!

Ok, this triangular mirror goodness was so fabulous - and by the look of Bo's face, he was absolutely mesmerized by it, too!

I cannot get over this next picture... Boaz looks like such a big boy... not my little 16-month-old nephew!!
Saturday was a mommy-filled day. I went to the West Michigan Mom's Sale with Laura in the morning where I took pictures, held the bags and learned all the ins-and-outs of mom-to-mom sales. Craziness! That afternoon was Laura's coupon class - I attended as her Vanna White (and to hear all her coupon secrets again!!). After Saturday, I think I can successfully run a household on a small budget :)

Are you sick of Bo, yet? Good... me neither. But here is one more for the road:


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