Saturday, April 18, 2009

There was a flood in Grand Rapids!

...A chalk flood, that is!

Rob Bliss hosted yet another Urban Experiment in downtown Grand Rapids this afternoon. Past events have included a Zombie Walk and a giant pillowfight... events that drew hundreds of college students from the surrounding area schools downtown. This time, the Urban Experiment was an event for ALL ages! At the Downtown Sidewalk Chalk Flood, over 10,000 pieces of sidewalk chalk were provided and the sidewalks were the canvases for any and everyone to come and create art!

With only living about 6 blocks from the city's center, and it being a GORGEOUS spring day, I couldn't pass up the opportunity to walk down and participate in the event! It was fun to see what happens when you give hundreds (maybe thousands) of people free chalk and five hours!

Here are a few images from the afternoon! As always, clicking on the image will make it larger. Oh, and all you trusty followers may notice, I'm thinking about switching up my watermark a bit... what do you think?? Enjoy!

The next image has a story to it...
One reason I really enjoyed my GVSU education: the faculty. The variety of professors that I had over the years really created a diverse and exciting learning experience for me. For example, my Junior year @ GVSU, I had the pleasure of being taught by an adjunct professor and radio personality, Gerry Barnaby. Since that class, I've seen him around town... the Thanksgiving Day parade giving out candy, the West Michigan Mom's Sale broadcasting live... pretty cool. Anyways, another professor that I really enjoyed having was Dr. Corey Anton. He was one of my all-time favorite professors... providing a comfortable and challenging learning environment in all his classes. I never thought I'd see him around town like Barnaby.... but today, I did! One of his favorite pasttimes is juggling. And low and behold, as we were on our way back to the apartment, my roommate says, "Look at that Juggler! He's pretty good!" I turned and smiled... there was my old prof, juggling away in the middle of Rosa Parks Circle. Love it.


COMING UP THIS WEEK.... Heather's Bridal Shower pictures, a family update, and an evening at the beach! Stay tuned :)

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This looks like it was so much fun wish i couldve been there! i was at the baseball GLIAC double header all day in allendale. I had to choose lol thanks for the pictures though :)