Thursday, December 31, 2009

coming coming coming!

Ok, ok I admit... I have been a blog SLACKER! So terrible of me, I know... especially since I have lots to share with you! The past month has been a little bit of a whirlwind. I can hardly believe we've been married a month already! Between getting settled, going back to work, celebrating the holidays and still trying to get settled - life has been busy. But I have no complaints and I am so happy and SO excited for 2010!

Some of you faithful readers and past clients have noted that you are anxious to see some of my OWN wedding pictures. Well the wonderful Abby & Todd of Veldman Photo have sent the proofs and I'll be posting some of my favorites soon!

I can't share too many details, yet, but there are changes in store for Jennwebber Photography in Twenty-Ten, so be sure you check back in the coming weeks for more info!

Besides JWP details... I have lotsa love to share VERY soon! Here are a couple images of what is to come!

Emilie & Andy tied the knot in Berkley, MI last weekend!

Rachel & Jordan met us in downtown Grand Rapids yesterday for their engagement shoot!


amanda said...

ahhhh!!! how crazy is it that little miss Rachel Ramsey is getting married?!?! ahh... how crazy is it that little miss you is married. wow. just imagine ... all three of us were in KINDERGARTEN together! now you're both married. holy cow

GuatTeacher said...

Classic! Good aftershave ad.

jennygrace said...

These pictures of Rachel and Jordan are amazing. Jenn, you are a fantastic photographer. Rachell is my lovely and beautiful neice. She and Jordan make a gorgeous couple. Love the shots in Grand Rapids :-)
Aunt Diana