Wednesday, January 27, 2010

rachel & jordan {engaged!}

I am currently listening to the NEW Dave Barnes song, God Gave Me You. (He just released it on iTunes yesterday and I would highly recommend it.) It's so beautiful... here a few a lyrics :)
On my own, I'm only half of what I could be. I can't do without you. We are stiched together and what love has tethered, I could baby, never undo. God gave me you for the ups and downs... for the days of doubt. For when I think I've lost my way, there are no words here left to say, it's true, God gave me you. - Dave Barnes
This past week, as my husband and I experienced one of the most difficult weeks we have ever endured, I am so thankful for Jonathan and the gift that he is to me. I'm so thankful God gave him to me! I love you, hubs! (**side note - thank to all you wonderful clients and future-clients who were patient with me as I was unexpectedly out of the office last week!! you are amazing!!**)

I'm so glad that God gave Rachel and Jordan to each other, too. The two of them are so wonderful together. I have known Rachel since we were 5-years-old... and now, seeing her with her husband to be, I am so happy for them and the love they have found! I'm especially encouraged by the way they are patiently planning their wedding and marriage... from thousands of miles apart! Jordan is currently working at a school in Guatemala while Rachel is here in Michigan. Distance makes the heart grow fonder, 'eh? I'm so excited to be apart of their wedding celebration - I can't wait for July!

Thanks Rachel & Jordan for spending some time with us and sharing your love and lives with us! Good luck finalizing your plans!! Mwah!

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amanda said...

awwww ... i love those two. man ... craziness!