Monday, June 28, 2010

a wedding and a website warning...

This past weekend, Jonathan and I found ourselves on the East side of the Mitten once again... this time, it was to ATTEND a wedding. My dear cousin Michelle tied the knot and gave me the gift of having a Saturday off :). Now, anyone who knows me... knows that I have to take my camera and shoot even if I'm not working! It was refreshing to simply attend the ceremony and reception, however it was a very strange feeling to not be responsible for grabbing the key moments. I think I did a great job of just enjoying the celebration... Jonathan only had to tell me to put down my camera a few times... haha!

ON A SIDE NOTE... My website will be switching servers today. If you cannot reach the website, please be patient and try a little later. I've been told that there should be little to zero downtime, so if you experience downtime with my website, please come back! :) Thank you!

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