Tuesday, August 11, 2009

michelle & al: engaged!

Meet Michelle and Al...
Out of all of my clients, I probably have known Michelle the longest.... over 22 years :) Michelle is one of my cousins and I was so happy when she asked me to take her and her fiance, Al's engagement pictures! Michelle & Al got engaged just a few weeks before I did, so its been fun to share details and ideas with each other!

For the shoot, we headed to downtown Royal Oak, MI for some urban textures. It was fun hanging out with the two of them and getting to know Al a little better! Thanks for letting me spend the evening with you two and do your e-sess, Michelle & Al! Enjoy the preview! Much love!
Quick stop for some tasty props...
Michelle & Al love Caramel Fraps!We scheduled the session at a perfect time so we could have lots of yummy evening light.Al was really enjoying the session! :)
One of my favorites!Ok, another favorite!!....and this one is a favorite :)I'm sorry, I just couldn't get enough of this bling. Nice work, Al!

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