Friday, August 14, 2009

brendon: 4 months!

...Nothing like keepin' it in the family!
Remember the engagement session that I posted earlier this week? Well this little guy, Brendon, is his nephew! Al and Mike (Brendon's dad) are brothers! The family resemblance is minimal, really... I'm not sure you'll be able to tell that they are related ;).

Shortly after we scheduled Michelle & Al's engagement session, Brendon's mom, Christina contacted me wanting to book Brendon's 4-month-old pictures right away! Unfortunately, our first scheduled session got rained out (Seriously - the weather this summer is crazy!!), but we were able to reschedule for a beautiful day on the lake!

Christina & Mike... it was great to meet the two of you and spend some time taking Brendon's picture! Enjoy the preview!

He's a natural!! This is how he sat up when I laid him down on his stomach:
I'm thinking Christina should enlarge this one frame it in Brendon's room :)
Baby in a basket!
His daddy loves him!Check out Christina in the next one! Looking good! (and Mike seems to think so too ;))FAVORITE!!annnnd another FAVORITE!Quick outfit change - so cute!!

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