Friday, August 13, 2010

mitchell & carly {married!}

I've been sitting here for a little while wondering what exactly I could say about Mitchell & Carly. It's not that I don't have anything to say about them... it's that I have too much! You, the blog readers, met Mitchell & Carly about 2 months ago when they graced the blog with their engagement session. I met the two of them a few years ago when Carly graced my life in my LIB-310 class at GVSU. We quickly bonded over our teacher's outrageous philosophies, our long-distance relationships and our love for Target (duh!). It wasn't too much longer that I met, Mitchell. I'm going to be honest... when I first met him, I did not understand how they worked together. Carly is an organized, clean, athletic individual. Mitchell had a messy apartment, long hair and has a plethora of tattoos. But it didn't take long for me to realize that they fit each other perfectly. They keep each other in line and make each other laugh, but above all that, they know how to care for and love each other well. I couldn't imagine either of them without each other... and that is a beautiful thing.

It is a blessing to consider the two of them dear friends. What a bigger honor it was to capture their wedding day and celebrate alongside them as they became united in marriage. It is something we've all been anticipating for a long time... and it was truly an amazing day.

Mitchell & Carly - Boyne City, Michigan Wedding
Ceremony: St. Matthew Catholic Church

Carly loves American Eagle... a lot.... so much so that they named a perfume after her. haha!
Love their rings... perfect for their personalities, too! Carly has a solitaire diamond with a matching white gold band. Mitchell's ring is a custom wooden ring... completely unique and complete him!
Yes, that is a tattoo on Carly's back. No, she's not taking after her man... she's just sporting one of the wedding favors - a Sunflower temporary tat! Yesss!Mitchell & Carly thank-you for your friendship, the laughs and all the love you share with each other and with us. We could not be more excited for the two of you and this new journey you have embarked on. Keep it spooky, kids. ;)

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