Saturday, May 30, 2009

jackson: 2 years old!

Meet Jackson:
This little guy just turned 2-years-old a couple weeks ago - so he was due for some updated photos! And for the shoot, his mom, Jodi gave me one goal - get this little guy to smile! Ok, that's a goal for all my shoots, haha! However, Jackson is generally a serious dude by personality, but I was determined to get some good smilin' shots of him!

It took a little prodding...
but it wasn't long before he was smiling for me! :)
Ok, maybe it was the lollipop his mom gave him!

Mom jumped in for a few shots!
I love this one!!
Ok, and this one too!! :)

It was so fun hanging out with you Jodi & Jackson!! Hope you enjoy your preview!

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

kate & ryan: engaged!

Meet Kate & Ryan!
This lovely couple will be wed in August, but they wanted to kick of the final months of planning with an engagement session - Yay! Kate & Ryan were so fun to hang out with for the afternoon - especially with the beautiful weather! We wandered all around Grand Rapids catching sweet landscapes and playing with the early evening light. I even took them up to one of my favorite "secret" spots overlooking the river/downtown. It was a delight to hang out with them for a little while and get to know them better! I'm excited for their Grand Rapids wedding in August - judging by their personalities, I thinks its going to be a great celebration!

Thanks for allowing me to share in this wedding experience with the two of you, Kate and Ryan! I'm looking forward to your big day! Enjoy your preview!! (Remember, to enlarge the pictures, simply click the image!)

We started things off by the GRAM - I love the clean & simple architecture of the building!Who knew that there was a water fountain/wall by the entrance of the GRAM?? It was a pleasant surprise when we discovered it!Ryan had the great idea of climbing up a parking deck to get some sweet city landscape shots - I tell ya, the grooms always have the good ideas up their sleeves!!

Grabbing some shots on the Historic Sixth Street Bridge.... and we had a little company :) I think everyone was surprised by the visit!I think this one is my favorite :)Ok, look how cool this tree is! I love the branches!

There you have it, folks! I'll be blogging the first wedding of the season soon!! Stay tuned!

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

an apology AND anna & tony

To all my faithful followers - my deepest apologies on the gap in posting. The week after my last post, my computer and I had a fight. Don't fret, I had the support of some very intelligent IT guys (thanks, brothers :)) and they got me back up and running within a few days. However, it's taken me a bit to recapture my bearings. But I think we're back in full motion.
Get ready... because for the next few weeks, JWP will be bringing you a lot of eye candy. I've got a wedding and another engagement session on deck, plus a few shoots to come...

For now, enjoy Anna & Tony's preview!

Meet Anna & Tony. They are getting married in about 6 weeks, but about 2 weeks ago we hung out in downtown Grand Rapids for their engagement session. It was a windy and overcast early morning shoot, but we certainly had fun! Tony was only in town for the day to see his lovely fiancee graduate from GVSU, so we had to weave the engagement session in-between family time and the ceremony!
It was so fun to watch them interact during the session. They were so natural and comfortable in front of the camera! (A huge plus for a photographer!) Anna is so sweet - she has told me a few times how excited she is that I am their photographer for their wedding... and I'm excited, too! I can't wait for their wedding next month!

Anna & Tony - thanks for spending the morning with me - enjoy your preview!

SOOO cute... they started dancing without me even prompting them! Apparently Tony is one heck of a dancer!
Ok, this next sequence isn't supposed to be this small, but I think you can still appreciate it (clicking the image, like all images, will make it larger, fyi)! I told them to lie down, facing each other, and interact a bit... and they started arm wrestling!! LOVE IT! :) My question to you is, who do YOU think won? :)
One of the only photos Tony suggested! haha! :)

Gotta get a shot of the bling!!