Monday, June 28, 2010

baby alexandra {9 weeks old}

One of the blessings of my job is watching families grow.  I've witnessed Paul & Jocelyn during their engagement, as they said their vows to one another, and now as parents. They are the first JWP wedding couple to have a baby and I am so excited for them! It was so fun to be invited into their home, meet their little girl and watch them enjoy parenthood. Congratulations, you two! Alexandra is beautiful!

My littlest clients always seem to fall asleep as I finish up their session... either I'm really fun that I wear them out or I'm really boring... haha! I think I'm just too fun ;)

a wedding and a website warning...

This past weekend, Jonathan and I found ourselves on the East side of the Mitten once again... this time, it was to ATTEND a wedding. My dear cousin Michelle tied the knot and gave me the gift of having a Saturday off :). Now, anyone who knows me... knows that I have to take my camera and shoot even if I'm not working! It was refreshing to simply attend the ceremony and reception, however it was a very strange feeling to not be responsible for grabbing the key moments. I think I did a great job of just enjoying the celebration... Jonathan only had to tell me to put down my camera a few times... haha!

ON A SIDE NOTE... My website will be switching servers today. If you cannot reach the website, please be patient and try a little later. I've been told that there should be little to zero downtime, so if you experience downtime with my website, please come back! :) Thank you!

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

carly & mitchell {engaged}

There are some people in life that you just click with. Carly and Mitchell click and Jonathan and I click with them. Fate (also known as our LIB-310 class) brought Carly and I together a few years ago. It's such a joy to call her friend and even a greater joy that our guys can call each other friend, too. This August, these lovebirds will say "I do"... but until then, here are some of my favorites from our summer afternoon in northern Michigan...

First, we scouted the wedding venue and portrait locations... and Mitchell climbed chairlifts.

mmmmm.... FAVORITE!

ok, one more FAVORITE because Carly is so gorgeous:

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

heather & dan {married!} - part two

Heather and Dan are one of the sweetest couples I have ever worked with! Their gracious and welcoming personalities made it so enjoyable to celebrate with them. What an honor it was to be invited to spend the weekend in Lake Geneva, WI for their marriage celebration! I've had the privilege of knowing Heather & Dan for a few years now since Heather was college roommates with my dear friend, Alexa. As I listened to and interacted with family and friends at the rehearsal, it solidified the fact that these two were the real deal and I was so excited, along with everyone else to see them become husband & wife! I know I left you in suspense last night with their rehearsal post, but without further adieu... here is their big day...

The ladies spent hours getting ready (of course :))... while the guys watched the World Cup...

Oh and "first looks" are awesome. Why? Because they are cute, romantic and gives us lots of time for yummy portraits!

I was LOVING Heather's bouquet - just look at it! It even has feathers! Yes! These, and the rest of the flower details were designed by LilyPots of Lake Geneva. 

This bridal party was also a favorite of mine. Quality people right here:

After portraits, it was off to the ceremony & reception which were both held
Rain threatened this outdoor ceremony (because it loves to rain on the weekends this summer!), but completely held off for the duration of the day! Yay!
Heather's three sisters shared maid-of-honor duties and each gave a toast at the reception.... Jillian warned us that she was the crier of the bunch. She didn't disappoint! ;)

As I mentioned in Part One, Dan's family are missionaries in Bolivia and Dan spent a majority of his life there growing up. This groom's cake is a traditional Bolivian tradition for all the single-people at the wedding. Each grabs one of the strings and pulls them at the same time - whoever has a ring tied to their knot is the one to get married next! ... see that little flower girl in the corner? She pulled the ring out of this cake ;)

Congratulations, Heather & Dan! Hope you had a great week in Mexico - can't wait to see you soon!

Much love.