Monday, June 14, 2010

the webber family! {farmington, mi}

This session features one of my favorite families. And yes, I'm allowed to say that because... they are MY family! :)

Dave, is my oldest brother. Almost four years ago he married Laura - providing me with another sister which I never had growing up! One and a half years later, sweet little Boaz entered the world. For you avid blog-stalkers of mine, you may recognize Bo from his Mr. February shoot & debut, from one of his visits to Grand Rapids or from his first haircut! Boaz, along with all my little nieces and nephews has provided my life with so much joy. His gentle and fun spirit is a delight to be around. And fortunately, Laura is a great blogger and keeps me well-updated on Bo's life when I'm not around! :)

Dave, Laura, and Bo... thanks for letting me capture some images for you. Jonathan and I had so much fun hanging out in your neck of the woods with you ;) Enjoy the preview...
The left image is what happens when Dave tells Boey to pose. The right image is what happens when he listens to his Aunt Jenn ;)
Dave is kind of known for his flip-flops. He will literally wear them until the snow is an inch deep and goes past the bottom of the flip-flop. Boaz, on the otherhand... doesn't really enjoy the idea of flip-flops and chooses to go against the Webber trend ;)
Laura recently put together a beautiful "motherhood" necklace full of charms representing different aspects of family and motherhood... including a charm for Boaz, of course!


Krysta said...

I got to play with Bo a little on Saturday - what a sweetie! Love the Downtown Farmington shots.

Watty said...

Awwwww! Great shoot! Love that you even got his flip flops! LOL

Laura Webber said...

SERIOUSLY Jenn, these snap shots are beautiful! Thank you so much!!!

Christopher Webber said...

I miss them!!!!!