Wednesday, May 26, 2010

quinn & jessie {married!}

As many of you know, last week was my birthday. It was Thursday, actually... May 20th. Coincidentally enough... that is now Quinn & Jessie's Anniversary! Yep, I had a Thursday wedding, on my birthday. It was the perfect way to celebrate life and enjoy doing what I love to do most! Why a Thursday wedding? Well, Quinn's parents... AND Quinn's grandparents both share the same wedding date of May 20th. Because they love and respect them so much, they thought of no better way to honor them then by continuing the tradition of being married on May 20th. Cool, huh?

Quinn & Jessie said their vows and celebrated their marriage on the campus of Grand Valley State University in Allendale, MI where they met! It was a beautiful May afternoon and I was so happy to be apart of the celebration. Congrats, Quinn & Jessie! Here's just a little preview of their day!
Quinn & Jessie decided on doing a "first look" - this is when the couple decides to see each other before the wedding... allowing more time for relaxed, fun portraits and a less stressful day! Because Quinn & Jessie decided to do this, we were able to have so much time before the ceremony focused on just the bridal party and the bride & groom portraits... LOVE it!
Yep, all those were before the ceremony. That's why I love first looks ;) 

Happy Anniversary to Quinn's parents...
...and Quinn's grandparents!

Hope you are enjoying Disneyworld, you two! Thanks again for letting me be apart of your day!