Saturday, May 30, 2009

jackson: 2 years old!

Meet Jackson:
This little guy just turned 2-years-old a couple weeks ago - so he was due for some updated photos! And for the shoot, his mom, Jodi gave me one goal - get this little guy to smile! Ok, that's a goal for all my shoots, haha! However, Jackson is generally a serious dude by personality, but I was determined to get some good smilin' shots of him!

It took a little prodding...
but it wasn't long before he was smiling for me! :)
Ok, maybe it was the lollipop his mom gave him!

Mom jumped in for a few shots!
I love this one!!
Ok, and this one too!! :)

It was so fun hanging out with you Jodi & Jackson!! Hope you enjoy your preview!


Veldman Photo said...

he's so cute!!!

j.spears said...

so many cute shots. love it.