Thursday, October 1, 2009

Happy October and the Genuise family!

Happy October!!! Autumn is officially in full-swing here in Michigan and Birthday Season is here, too! October is the birthday month of my dad, my maid-of-honor, my mother-in-law, our best man and my housemate (and I'm sure some others I forgot)! *whew* So many birthdays! Does a shout-out on the blog suffice as a present? ;)
And since it's the first day of October, that means it's almost my wedding month. haha! But really, I LOVE autumn. It's my favorite season - especially since Michigan has pretty awesome autumns. I love watching the trees slowly change all different colors and I love the cider mill, of course! I've already been once and I think I'll need to limit those visits this year so I don't eat too many donuts - I have a wedding dress to fit into! Maybe I'll just visit the apple orchard more and eat lots of apples instead! Anyways... you are here to see some images, not hear my opinions on autumn, right? :)

Last week I had the opportunity to hang out with a pretty cool family... that is about to grow into a bigger cool family! Kim is expecting a baby girl annnyyy day now... soon I can add the little one to my list of October birthdays, too! In fact, because Kim is waiting so patiently, I knew I had to get this blog up quickly to give her some eye candy to keep her occupied until Baby Girl Genuise decides she is ready for the world!

Kim contacted me for family pictures of the four of them, but also specifically highlighting her oldest son, Collin who just turned 5 and some maternity pictures, too. This session really reminded me of my own family. The age distance between the kids is pretty similar to our family. Also, my parents had two boys before they had me - so it was fun to watch Collin and Alex interact with their sister and talk about being her big brother. It warmed my heart a little bit because I can tell they love her already like my big brothers love me!

I had a blast getting a wide variety of shots during our session and they were especially fun to edit! Thanks for letting me spend some time with your family, Kim and Andy! I pray your daughter makes a healthy arrival soon! She is going to have great big brothers and parents! Enjoy your preview! :)

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Love this brothers snapshot!
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I told Alex and Collin to make sure they love their sister this much when they meet her face-to-face... and as she grows up too! :)
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This handsome little man is Collin and he is 5-years-old!

Beautiful, beautiful Kim. She certainly has a glow about her, doesn't she?

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I love baby-bellies! Kim is a gorgeous momma!

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I love these next two... they are so soft and sweet - these three kiddos definitely have some awesome parents!

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Still Cross Photography said...

What a great family!!! Love the feel about the pics! Great job Jenn! And I also LOVE LOVE LOVE fall!!!! I love the cooler weather, the leaves changing, and even the season after fall...I know right!?!?