Tuesday, April 6, 2010

analiese {2 months!}

A new baby. A precious little girl. What a joy it is to witness parents interact with and love their new child! Last week, I had the chance to spend the morning with Analiese and her parents for Analiese's first official photo shoot. I was so excited for the session because I had been following the family's blog for a little bit. By keeping up with the blog for just a few weeks, I was able to get a sense of their style, their lives and the excitement that they shared for this new parenthood role. I couldn't wait to meet them!

Analiese did a phenomenal job as my little model. She is such a beautiful little baby and I was honored to capture these special moments for the family! Thanks Ross & Heather for allowing me to get to know you guys a little bit and snap some shots of Analiese! I hope you love the results!
Heather is a gorgeous, glowing momma!
One of my favorites! I love seeing new dads interact with their babies!
Ladies and gentlement, meet Parker. I think he's still getting used to having a new baby around :)

Hellooooooo, green chair. I was in love.
Yes, its true... babies do cry... and its SO cute. :)

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