Wednesday, April 28, 2010

the perfect engagement ring {featuring paul & cassie}

In the few years of being a wedding photographer... I have seen A LOT of engagement rings. Some are big, some are petite, some are intricate and unique, some are beautifully simple... but one thing I always hear is... "It is perfect!"

I said it myself when Jonathan gave me my ring... it was simply perfect. We had never officially gone ring shopping together, but over the course of our dating relationship, I definitely dropped a lot of hints about what I personally did and did not like (what girl doesn't??). But when he got down on his knee and put the ring on my finger... all those thoughts and opinions flew out of my mind. I looked down at my hand and exclaimed, "It is perfect!" He had quietly taken in my opinions (and one of my best friends) to the store and picked out the perfect ring. What a guy!

For me, a perfect engagement ring isn't too big, but not too teeny that I could crush it. It has a princess cut diamond, with smaller princess cut diamonds along the white gold band. Oh, a picture? ok... :)

For my dear friend Alexa... her perfect engagement ring is completely different than mine! She doesn't want a diamond as the main gem! Her fiance, Nathan, took her opinion, mixed it with his geological knowledge of gems and picked out a ring that proudly boasts a yellow sapphire, surrounded by little diamonds with a petite band...

And for Cassie, her idea of the perfect engagement ring has a black pearl. Knowing that, Paul went to the store and found the right setting and the right black pearl. In Cassie's opinion, Paul designed the perfect ring for her! Paul popped the question this past Friday and I snagged a few pictures of this totally unique ring on Saturday. Congratulations, Cassie & Paul!

So future grooms... find out what your woman likes! You don't have to go ring shopping or have her pick it out if you want to do it on your own. By all means... pick out the ring on your own! But make sure you have an idea of what she likes and then take creative liberty. Not every girl wants a diamond, not every girl wants the standard... but then again, a lot of girls do. If you are confused, the best friend is ALWAYS a good assistant... as long as she can keep a secret. Happy shopping! ;)

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