Friday, August 14, 2009

brotherly love & a family session!

In my second-post for the day, I'd like to introduce the Linnea & Declan:
But first, meet my little brother Christopher and I... circa 1993... maybe?
As I was doing Linnea and Declan's session and edited/created the blog post, I couldn't help but be reminded of my own little brother. Ironically enough, Christopher actually attended the shoot with me in Grand Rapids a couple weeks ago! He was a great assistant! Anyways, as I watched the two kids interact, I was brought back to my childhood and growing up with a younger brother in a similar age-gap to Linnea & Declan. I love all of my brothers the same (I have two older brothers as well!), but its just a fact that I was closer to Christopher as we grew up since we were closer in age. We always did everything together as children and even through high school we remained close friends. I love this picture of us taken on a mission trip to Mississippi:
I say all this to say that sadly, yesterday, I had to say goodbye to Christopher and he moved out to Spokane, WA for the schoolyear. He will be attending school out there and is so excited to move and be on his own and bike ride everywhere :) It definitely wasn't the easiest to see him leave, but I am really happy for him and know this year will be a great time of growth for him. Plus, he has to come home in November for my wedding, so I'll see him soon! One final picture (pardon iPhone quality!) taken bright & early yesterday morning as we dropped him off at the airport - he's so sad and serious... haha! LOVE YOU, TOPHER!!
Now, onto the important matters at hand! :) This family session was so fun! We did the shoot at a park near their house. Not only are the two kids so adorable and fun, but we also got shots with their mom... and Grandma, Grandpa and their aunt! It was a whole family affair and I really enjoyed hanging out with them for the evening!

Enjoy the preview, Deidre, Linnea & Declan! :)

They love their mom soooo much!LOVE this mom & daughter pic!Annnnd this mom & son pic!
I hope they continue to love each other and be each other's friend as they grow up :)The whole gang!

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Unknown said...

Second try. Loved the picture of you and Christopher. Stirred up such great memories. How did you grow up so fast? Love Ya Gramma Webber