Thursday, March 26, 2009

Baby Parker!

Remember this beautiful family from November? It may be hard to tell, but at this time, Marie was pregnant with their second baby. Well now... he's here! It seems like I (and his family!) have been patiently awaiting the arrival of this little baby for forever! He was due on March 20th, but with his brother being a few weeks early, the expectation for the second baby to be early was high, too. Alas, he wasn't as early as his older brother, but he also didn't arrive in the midst of the Spring Break craziness (since his dad is the SB head honcho!) which was a blessing for his parents and all his friends who wanted to be around to meet him! :)
Meet Parker, the second son of Jeremy & Marie and the little brother of Jadon born on March 13. Parker is so precious and was the perfect little model for me - my youngest model yet!! My roommates and I went and visited them in the hospital when Parker was only 36 hours old - of course I had my camera in hand! Here are a few pictures from the informal session with the little guy :)

Thanks for letting us come to the hospital, Jeremy & Marie! We can't wait to spend lots more time with Parker :)