Monday, March 16, 2009

spring break in chicago!

To all my trusty followers... feel like I've been M.I.A. lately? It's not because I haven't been out shooting... because believe me, I have a TON to update you all with (workshop, babies, engagements, yay!). I spent the first week of Chicago on a Spring Break trip with some fellow peers. Now I know what you're thinking... "Jenn, didn't you graduate? What are you doing going on a Spring Break trip?" It's true... I DID graduate; however, I didn't travel too far from the college campus. In fact, I still spend about 30 hours a week @ Grand Valley State, my alma mater. I hold two job positions - one with Campus Recreation and one with Campus Ministry where I am the graphic designer at both.

At Campus Ministry, another large part of my job description is helping coordinate our 20 Spring Break Mission Trips. This year, not only did I help coordinate and participate in a trip... I was a Point Leader for the Chicago Trip! This was a huge responsibility and not one to take lightly. Therefore, the past three weeks, I've been doing final prepping for all the trips, spending a week on my specific trip, and then doing follow-up clean-up for all the trips! Needless to say... I've been busy the past month, so pardon my JWP-BLOG absence!

It was a blessing to be able to lead and minister alongside 13 peers. What an awesome week we had working with DOOR Network. Brian Sales was a great host and we even got to work with a group from Pepperdine University for the week! If you'd like to hear more about this AMAZING experience, let's get coffee. I'd love to share some of the great stories & moments from the trip! For now, enjoy some of the beautiful faces and sites that I was surrounded by... and then check back in a couple days for more updates!!

The first site as we emerged from the train station:

One of the few pictures I took at the Art Institute of Chicago. I liked the wall, ok?

We love public transportation!
Assembling Emergency Food Boxes @ The Greater Chicago Food Depository:
In June of 2008, this Elementary school closed down due to bankruptcy. Helping clean out the school for auction was a bittersweet experience!
We loved working with James and his crew at Vital Bridges South, a food pantry for people with HIV/AIDS. What a beautiful experience!The view from our Blue Line-stop. The church we stayed at was just a 10-minute "L" ride directly West from downtown:

Wednesday night @ Navy Pier... Can you spot our group members?

Our GVSU team with the Pepperdine team and Brian from DOOR!
A final group shot before we head to the train station...

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