Monday, March 23, 2009

A Workshop with Mirror Mirror Studio: Part One

This past Saturday I attended a photography workshop held @ Mirror Mirror Studio with the Fabulous Jen from JK Photography and Amy from Amy Carroll Photography. I, along with 5 other up-and-coming photographers spent the better part of the day filling our brains with information about the business and branding and learning new lighting tricks and asking tons of questions from the professionals. I had a blast! The group as a whole was so fun and so talented - they were a joy to work with and converse with! I even got a chance to check out a local restaurant that I hadn't been to before - JD Reardons. My roommates and I like going to different places all around town whenever we go out.... so I loved trying the new place (and with some great company, too!).

As apart of the workshop, we were joined by Shawn, a local high school senior, who acted as our portrait model! He was so great - he handled the paparazzi so well! :) Here is his view of the day:

And here is my view!
Thanks for being so FIERCE, Shawn :) I will post the second-half of the day's images this afternoon with our beautiful bride Amy!


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