Thursday, September 17, 2009

the cece family!

Five years ago... (has it been that long?? Whoa) two great people left this wonderful state of Michigan for Virginia. Luckily, those great people still have family in Michigan so we are blessed with the occasional visit from them.

I met Tony & Heidi when I was in 8th grade. Tony was the new Jr. High Youth Guy at church and Heidi was his girlfriend. Now, 8 years later, they are married and parents of 6-month-old Baby Dino, but still living in Virginia. Last week, Tony & Heidi made one of those quick trips to Michigan to visit family... and requested that I bring my camera to church. Tony is a very talented photographer himself, but because of that, they don't have any great pictures of the three of them because one of them is always holding the camera. We didn't have too much time to try to get a family picture, but we worked with the 20 minutes we did have!

Tony & Heidi - thanks for allowing me to do a "mini-sess" with you guys! I wish we could've spent longer together, but it was great to spend some time with you again. I'm so thankful Tony's dad's surgery went well, too! Praise God! Enjoy the preview!
They thought I was focusing on Dino, but I couldn't resist - look how cute they are!

What a beautiful family & a beautiful morning. Thanks for sharing these moments with me, Tony & Heidi.

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