Tuesday, September 15, 2009

erin & marcus: engaged!

Meet Marcus & Erin!
These two lovebirds met me in Caledonia, a few weeks ago for their engagement session. We had a great time walking around the nature trail together and dodging rain drops :) Marcus & Erin are getting married in November (one week before our wedding!) and I'm excited to be apart of their day! I know it will be beautiful!

Marcus & Erin - I had a great time hanging out with the two of you and chatting about life and wedding plans! I hope the next 10 weeks go smoothly! Enjoy your preview!

I LOVE this photo! It's so soft and romantic - I feel like time has just stopped for this moment -
Marcus introduced Erin to the joy of biking... so when we saw this Bike Route sign, we had to stop!
I love the way the green leaves sparkle!The two of them are so fun! I love to catching genuine, laughing smiles :)See the ducks in the background? They followed us for a while and were not afraid of us!Bring it in close!
Love the textures in this photo!

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Marcus said...

Jen those turned out amazing. Thanks for doing such an amazing job. I know both Erin and I are fairly critical of how we end up looking in pictures but you did a great job of relaxing us and capturing us in those relaxed moments. I can't wait for those 10 weeks to pass. Hope your planning is going well too.