Wednesday, September 9, 2009

kayla & siblings

A brief personal blog post to buy me some time while I continue to choose some of Kate and Ryan's fabulous wedding day pictures for their preview! (really... its coming! Maybe even tomorrow! I hope! ;))

My first little niece, Kayla (actually, she'll be six in January... not so little anymore!!) does some light modeling/acting work locally and she was due for updated headshots. (Check her out in this summer's Detroit Zoo ad) She came over this week to spend some time with her favorite Aunt Jenn and see what we could come up with! Here is a selection of my favorites, plus a couple of shots with her twin brother, Matt and little sister, Julie! I love these kiddos!!

Kayla, Julie and Matthew:
That little peanut in the middle (Julie) is our flower girl! :)

These "little" twins start kindergarten in the morning! I cannot believe it!

Goofy faces!!
"Mad" faces! Too cute!

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katie.p. said...

I LOVE the mad faces picture.