Monday, July 5, 2010

molly & kyle {in love}

Molly and Kyle are in love... with each other and with the Mitten. Unfortunately, job availability in this great state has them temporarily living in Arizona. This month, they will celebrate one year of being married. While they in town visiting family, they wanted to squeeze in a session to celebrate their love and bring a little Grand Rapids back to the desert. Here's what happened...

Dear Yuma, meet Grand Rapids... green grass and beautiful buildings. :)

Fun fact... Molly has appeared on the blog before as a bridesmaid! Check out her sister's wedding from last summer!

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Rebecca said...

...and once again, Jenn~~ all I can say is WOW!!! I LOVE the photos of Molly and Kyle you took!!! You have such a creative and artistic eye for great shots!!! Love all the pictures you have taken of Molly & Kyle and Mandy & Kris!!!!

~Becky Lawwill :>