Friday, September 24, 2010

the vanwerden family!

Over five years ago, I met this beautiful woman named, Jen. She lived in the first floor of my dorm. I lived on the third floor. My very first memory of Jen was a chair that had her named embroidered on it. Seeing it be unloaded from her car during campus move-ins, my brother said, "Jenn you should be her friend because she has the same name as you!" My response? "No... she its not the same name. She spells it with one 'n'!" A few weeks later, I found myself sharing oreos and ice cream with Jen and other new friends in her dorm room... the rest? It's history. Her family? Just as amazing as Jen. Here is a preview of a little evening session we had a few weeks ago...
This is the newest addition to the family. His name is Noah and he is so handsome!

This little guy is kinda loved a lot... can you tell? :)


Fruitful Thoughts said...

awesome jenn! love the one with the tall shadows - look forward to seeing the rest.

j.spears said...

yay! you rock jenN. :) miss you!