Thursday, September 30, 2010

allison {maternity}

It's so so beautiful to watch a family grow. I have been there to capture Matt & Allison when they were engaged, when they said their vows, and now they are about to have their first baby, a little girl named Xayla Belle. This time, Matt couldn't be there for our photo session though. Two weeks after this couple found out they were expecting, this U.S. Marine was deployed to Afghanistan. Shortly after his deployment, Allison moved back to Michigan from the base in Arizona to spend the 7+ months near family. My heart broke when I heard that Allison was spending her first pregnancy thousands of miles from her husband and I insisted that I do a session with her to celebrate the joys and challenges of this time in their lives. Don't worry, we made sure to involve Matt somehow into this session! The two of them are troopers and Matt will be home very soon... in time for his daughter's arrival into the world. Yay!

With Marine camos and Matt's dogtags, it was like he was spending the afternoon with his wife and baby girl...

Allison is one hot momma... don't you agree? :)

Come home soon, Matt!


Renay said...

This last picture is absolutely precious. Wonderful work Jenn, as always. :)

April said...

I love this post. So incredibly creative and emotional as well :)