Wednesday, July 1, 2009

An afternoon with Abby {Veldman Photo}

A couple weeks ago, Abby and I went out for a photo rendezvous with the intent to snap some shots of each of us. Abby, along with her husband Todd, own Veldman Photo - a Detroit-based wedding & portrait photography business. I have known Todd for years as he was one of my older brother's friends growing up, but it has been a joy to get to know Abby the past couple years and learn from her! They do awesome work and are so inspiring to me!

So rewind to a couple weeks ago... we each decided that we could use some nice photos of ourselves - so we decided to take our cameras out and shoot each other! Its not often that a photographer is on the other side of the camera!! And let me tell you... it was a little nerve-wracking! She made me go first, too!! After a bit though, we both warmed up to the camera and had a great time - we even discovered a great new picture spot!

Thanks for a fun afternoon, Abby - and for always being willing to share your insight! You are so great!!

Starting off with some attitude... haha!

I love her expression in this one! So sweet!
One of my favorites! :)

Lots more to come this week and next week... stay tuned!!

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LOVE YOU!!! Mwaaa....